Student Fellows

TLRJN annually offers unique experiential learning opportunities for upper-year student fellowship opportunities. TLRJN Fellows are selected to undertake research under the supervision of the TLRJN Director and other faculty members. TLRJN Fellows have worked closely with Amnesty International, small boutique firms in Toronto working on Pro Bono cases and other international partners. 

2021/2022 Fellows

J’Davia Noel

2020/2021 Fellows

Jesse Toma
Diahanna Ramadhar

2019/2020 Fellows

Brandon Fragomeni
Ilham Islow

2018/2019 Fellow

Oshani Amaratunga

2017/2018 Fellow

Fathima Cader

2016/2017 Fellows

Archana Ravichandradeva
Farah Saleem
Sarah Voegeli 
Alexa Posslif

2015/2016 Fellows

Lindsay Carbonero
Laura Stairs
Samantha Chrisanthus

2014/2015 Fellows

  • Richard Kirkham
  • Nazneed Mukadam